Getting rid of some "old" arcs :)

The Ferryman Institute: A Novel - Colin Gigl Arc Provided by Gallery Books Call me sexist if you want, but there's a reason why I try to stay away from books written by guys: I can't stand their f***g voices. Or what is known as "male gaze". There's a few exceptions like author Soman Chainani and I was going to say author Peter S. Beagle... but meanwhile the author wrote Summerlong and s**t hit the fan with that one. Don't know what is it with guys and old age, for crying out loud. So, male gaze, right? I can't stand it. I have allergy to it. That's why after reading five percent of this I was done with it. This was supposed to feel adult, instead it felt juvenile. And I hated the voice's guy! This was what I wrote in September, the first and last time I forced myself to pick this up: "Was this supposed to be YA? Because this feels YA. And the over the top adjectives are already making my eyes twitch." Sorry, but my new book resolutions for 2017, revolves around dnf arcs that aren't working for me. So long, farewell, hope I never see you again!