Burning my bridges with some publishers

Lost Girls - Merrie Destefano Arc Provided by Entangled Teen Release Date: January, 3rd An ambitious concept... but I've read dystopias that are way more believable -_- I requested this at a time in which I was so fed up with what I was reading, that I decided to take a risk on a new author, and on an ambitious concept for a story. Basically I wanted a strong female character leading the story... and in a way I got it. Thing is, and I've said this over and over, I may be reading a fantasy book, but I want it to have strong foundations. This one? Sandy foundations -_- We have to believe that a once quiet girl, decides to go all Chuck Norris, just because she once was physically attacked by a bunch of girls in a bathroom. Okay, sure, nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to see it. I wanted to see that transformation. Also, I'm betting it takes way more than a year to become the killing machine that Rachel becomes. The rest of the story is Rachel basically acting too stupid to live... but since she's this special snowflake who can get great grades at school without doing things like actually studying, or sleeping, she manages to have this adventurous life. Also the drugs she takes are "wolferine" type of amazing, so who cares? She's more amazing than FBI agents and her own father, an ex-marine... In the meanwhile there's this new adult romance who is supposed to be angsty and deep as all first romances are meant to be. Note to self: stick with boring. At least it's more credible.