Not for me

Damsel Distressed - Kelsey Macke


TW's: cutting

DNF at 68%

I give up. It's not that the book is badly written _ it isn't _, but for the life of me I can't listen to Imogene's whining anymore. Yes, she has clinical depression. Yes, her mother died seven years ago when she was about ten years old... I'm not a sociopath, that made me sad, BUT, she has had so much support that I've reached a point in which I just want to scream at her, as well as to keep her from binge eating junk food until she throws up...
<s>Some people at this point will probably want to point out that I shouldn't talk like that, that depression doesn't work like that, and that I'm being a bitch. I don't care.</s>
This is not a book about a criminal, I'm reading a story about a troubled teen, so as a reader I'm supposed to feel some empathy for her plights... since I'm not, I think it's better if I just stop.
"Objectively" speaking, this story is leaving me all kinds of depressed, stressed and angry.
Oh poor "kid" with a father who cares about her, even if he has his faults. Poor kid with access to psychological help. Poor kid with a bff who has been there since always... *breathes*
With a friend out of a Dawson's creek plot who decides to be her guardian angel; since he was ten.
Did I mention how incredible mature these kids are?
Because,wow, also aren't Grant's parents, the best?!
Honestly, I kept thinking about that. His best friend is depressed so, "hey mom and dad _ I'm presuming the guy isn't a clone_ I'm going to spend the night with my depressed friend, who is a child just like me."
"Oh, sure honey."
I hate soap operas, and I hate how judgemental, narrow minded and egotistical Imogene is.
As for the Cinderella wanna be retelling, what can I say?
Her stepmother isn't an ogre. Her father isn't dead. Her stepsister is a sociopath just because, and the Grant the <i>Prince</i> has the soul of a dog; clearly, Grant is just way too good for all us mortals.
Also, you wouldn't believe the amount of dialogues and plot involving a high school musical.

As for the secondary characters _ see, incredible mature peeps _ they're good people: As I mentioned before, there's the bff, the cute gay couple (one of them a wonderful tailor because... why not?!), and the new girl who is actually a good person.
All of you deserved more.
Susana out; I'm mentally drained.