To dance, or to slay...that is the question

Midnight Blue-Light Special - Seanan McGuire

Wonderfully thorough world building as ever. In fact, i don't think any other author can create such a fantastic urban fantasy setting as Seanan's MacGuire does.


The characters are engaging and just with the right amount of "wittiness" in their banter. Stopping them from going over the edge...into silliness.

How could i not enjoy this?
Impossible, right?


But even so, there is something that stops me from giving it a four star rating...

Don't get me wrong, Seanan Mcguire is probably my favorite urban fantasy writer! I love her Toby Daye series, as well as the previous book of this series, along with the short stories...
(I wonder, will GR delete this review on account of my gushing over the author's work? You know, different sides of the same coin?)


But this one...i don't know..maybe it was the romance that i just found a little lacking. Verity and Dominic are cute and perfect for one another, but maybe i wanted more tension...and for Dominic to play a greater role. Maybe i'm just comparing them to Toby and Tybalt (which isn't fair, i know) which is not a good idea...but sometimes Dominic with his formal speech patterns just reminds me of Tybalt!


The Aeslin mice are always a reference, but as the rest, they too were a little subdued..i missed their: Hail...the shower! moments (see the first book!)

And things like that...but even so, this was a great read, and i'm looking forward to reading more of this world.