A Magical Library

The Grimm Legacy - Polly Shulman


In true all libraries are magic. But Polly Shulman's library takes things  to another level.

This is a Library of magical items. Items that we've only heard of in fairy tales.


Elizabeth Rowe is vaguely inspired in Cinderella. She has a stepmother, who i guess isn't crazy about her. Although we are told of this, we don't get to see it.

There's also two stepsisters, who also aren't crazy about her...once again, this is something that the author tells us. 

Elizabeth's father, as the rest of the family, is a sort of "phantom" person, who pretty much also ignores his daughter.


Problem number one: Two much tell...and not enough show.


Problem number two. The characters are very basic. With this story, and with the Library's background providing such potential, this could be a truly magical story. In fact, if it weren't for the Library and all those magical items, like the Mirror, and the winged sandals, providing some interesting moments, this would be a solid two stars.



Like i said, the characters could be so much more..in fact, the most interesting and lively of them all, ended up being Jaya, a ten year old.


Bottom Line:

A story that improves towards the end, who will appeal to everyone who likes to have a little magic in their stories...but who i guess, will be more appreciated by those who are taking the first steps in the genre...

Even so, i think i will be reading the second one.