Teen angst...

Lament  - Maggie Stiefvater

For all its worth i thought that the basic idea of this book, was good.
Unfortunately everything else _ for me _ wasn't.

The main character, Deirde, Dee, is a sixteen year old musical prodigy. Look, i know she's a teenager but...she's just an unbelievable stupid, moronic, idiotic, full of herself...character!!

The plot had no depth or development. One day she was "no one" of relevance, and the next one, she had hit the number one popularity contest between the fairies!!

Luke...Oh My GOD!! G
What will younger readers take from reading this book?
That since a guy is mysterious and beautiful, then, everything is okay? Even though he's obviously dangerous??
What the hell??

So the guy has been forced to kill for centuries, but along comes Dee, and he's immediatly smitten?? Even though she's as interesting as a cracker??
When will authors stop using the "insta-love" plot?

Then the attempt at a love triangle, was just weak!!

Like a friend once told me: "What are the chances of every one of us having more than one suitor??"

Okay, not with these words...because she doesn't live in the nineteen century.. :D

So, this is the second series that i read from this author (Mercy Falls was my first, and i really liked it...i'm kind of scared of re-reading it now, and this time hating it) and for the second time in a row, one has clueless parents

Yeah, right...dream on teenagers..

To finish this, if i had to choose a word to categorize this story, the only word that comes to my mind is: Mess...this was just a mess of a tale.

And Dee...well Dee has all the wonderfull (NOT) characteristics of a "Nora" (Hush Hush) + a "Clary" (city of Fallen Angels). So if you liked them....