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Brooke (Under the Never Sky, #2.5) - Veronica Rossi

At the risk of becoming redundant, i must say this:


I LOVE the the author's writing style!!!


Whether on a full story, or a short one, even if someone would change the names and locations, i would know this had been written by author Veronica Rossi.


The words that compose the short sentences are filled with a strength, as if themselves carry the Aether in them. This just makes the reading even more addictive!

And then there's this unquestionably poetry in the writing:


I focus on the movement of his mouth over mine, which is full of affection and care. He kisses like a poet. Like he’s writing poems on my lips.


So why only a 3.5 star rating?

Because it's a novella!!! A short one!


Although that glimpse into the third book (okay, that was just mean! Because once i started it, i just wanted to read the whole thing!!) pushed it practically into a four star rating!


But this is Brooke's book, which i'll admit i had never particularly liked, (which is unjust, i know) so the rating will be only regarding this novella.


But after reading this story, i'll admit that i'm happy the author wrote it.


It was a revelation into Brooke's character. I especially liked how the friendship between her and the other three (Perry, Liv and Roar) was seen through her eyes.

She's a strong and fiercely loyal friend, and sister.


The only reason this doesn't get a four star rating is because the whole situation with the "brothers" (no, not her brothers!!) was a little strange....


Bottom line: I think the story would be stronger if it had been more focused on Brooke's evolution as a character, and a little less on how she's trying to get over Perry...with the "brothers" help....

And then there was the comments regarding Soren....and even Roar.


For me, it was a little too much...ah, how to put this....*boys on my mind*!

I just wanted to yell at Brooke:

"Girl, stop, take a time out from boys, and just go practice your target shooting!


BUT, the author did warn us readers about the "smoochiness" level of this novel! ;) lol


Oh, and i've just read that this "situation" is inspired in Goldilocks and The Three Bears....but, with kisses.

Okay, that explains it...kind of... o_O


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