My favorite 2013 book!

World After  - Susan Ee


A terrific read!!

Without a doubt, i've just finished reading my favorite 2013 book!!

A terrorizing dystopia! it made me feel like i was right in the middle of the action!


I first "heard" of Angelfall,(the first book in series) probably right after i joined Goodreads, right at the beginning of 2012.


Back then i was still pretty much limited by the format in which the book was distributed. Meaning, if the book wasn't available in paperback i was pretty much know.. o_O

All of this rambling is meant to say that i couldn't wait to get my hands on Angelfall. When BD finally had it for sale, i had to immediately bought it and devour it in one sitting!
That was back in the ~ancient year of ~2012. July, 2o12.

Now, more than a year after, "Wold After" was finally released..YAY!! Or as Scooby says: Scooby Dooby Doo!! ;)

Okay, since i like to have the stories facts all perfectly clear in my head, i went and re-read Angelfall. Which was just as amazing as the first time i read it!!
Yes, i'm glad to report that there wasn't any sense of dullness involved in the re-read.
Always a factor to take in to account ;)


And then i started reading World After.

You know how after finishing some stories you can't concentrate on nothing else, because the "book's movie" is still playing in your mind?
Well, that is what is happening to me!!
It broke my heart, it scared me to death! But it also made me smile...
How can i let go of such a story?
It was absolutely terrifying perfect!!


The pace
It never drags. The story line flows as a stormy river.


The plot
Perfectly outlined, with solid foundations. What more can i ask?

The characters

I love them all! Not only the main characters, like Penryn or Raffe. But also the woman Penryn saved from the Scorpions/locusts fetus. The moment with her was heartbreaking to read.
Tweedle Dee/Dum, our famous spy masters give the story a dash of hilarity in a world that definitely needs it.
Paige..oh my God...she broke my heart...
I wanted her to be safe and happy. I wanted her to go back to the way she was. Is that even possible?


The romance
Oh brother...
I love both Penryn and Raffe. And the way the longing for each other is portrayed is just...perfect.
But you know what?
I don't want Raffe to be a fallen angel...
So yes, i CAN'T WAIT to read the next book in the series!!