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Divided - Elsie Chapman

Arc provided by Random House Books for Young Readers through Netgalley


You know all the questions I raised in the previous book regarding the strangeness of certain elements?

Well, most of them are answered in this volume! Which was great! Because it finally allowed for a deeper understanding of how the people living in Kersh, had ended up under so harsh _and strange to comprehend _directives.


Were the explanations hundred per cent bullet proof?

Almost... the world building that author Elsie Chapman created, feels so alien at times _the whole idea of having to fight a clone/ a twin at certain point of their lives so mind boggling _, that even with explanations, it's hard not to come out with a different strategy/route that could have been taken, instead of what ended up happening.

But, reading this second volume definitely made things easier to understand.


This series turned out to be such a nice surprise, after the way it started. And I am really happy that I kept reading the first volume even when I started saying things along the lines of:



Action packed and with characters that I couldn't help root for, this was so vividly written and with such a cinematographic aspect, that it's hard to hit "pause" . I just wanted to devour this in one sitting.


West is a great character. Despite what she goes through, she just feel incredibly real.


She's not your stereotyped action figure, that goes through adversaries while casually throwing witty and most of time clichéd remarks.

She's human, she has feelings. She's young, she's so very young...


As for new characters _despite just having a small role _ I liked the introduction of the psychiatrist with whom West consults.

Most of the times, while reading YA _ and don't even get me started on the so called adult books _ I find myself saying: _Someone should get that girl/boy a psychiatrist!!

No, really!! I do!!

I said it about Tris in Insurgent *some antidepressants maybe*...and look how that turned out..*cough*


So, yes, it was a nice aspect to see a character having some sort of mental support in relation to had she had had to go through, during the first volume.

It was also nice to see the mature way, West and Chord dealt with their relationship, and even the way the author wrote it.



Thing is, this a book that is supposedly destined to young readers, but I have the idea _although I hope I'm wrong! _ that most of those young readers who read it, will find it lacking in romance!

Because in our days, most of the times writing a so called dystopia is just another excuse to write some mushy-mushy love triangle, with lots of angst on top!!

*If only I could draw.....*


And those young readers do devour these types of stories!

So, honestly I really hope these two books _so far, right? Because with the way it ended I can see a third book lurking around :) ) _find their way into the right readers hands!

Because this is the type of read that at first you're not so sure about, but after awhile it just gets under your skin!

Definitely recommended! And also, I can't wait to read more about this world!

So thank you Random House Books, for having me pre-approved for this read!