Reading progress update: I've read 20%.

Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution - Laurie Penny

A couple weeks ago, while I was on twitter, I came to a Neil Gaiman tweet in which the author was calling some people trolls, because they hadn't liked this book, and had given it one star ratings on Amazon.

Other authors decided to join in the party, and soon enough there was the expected pats on the back, and shared stories of how trolls had ruined their books sales. There was also this hash tag  #BestRevenge...

*pulls hair*

It got on my nerves, and in this current fashion of writers against readers, I decided to request this book on netgalley, hoping to hate it! Which would allow me to write a scathing review! An honest scathing review!


Unfortunately, I am liking it!! :(

I'm not crazy about the author style, and there are things that get on my nerves!

When did it become socially accepted to use to word queer in a positive way?

Because she uses it. A lot.


"Decorate the prison of your body. Make yourself useful. Shut up and smile."